Bikss is a short storytelling game about the experience of loneliness. The story is told by moving the player between a number of scenes in the character's life, each scene represented as the floor of a building that the player changes to through short cut-scenes. The game experiments with how issues of personal communication and relationships can be told through the use of interface inputs, and how classical game elements are useful for representing the win and loss of important things in life. Despite this upbeat theme, the game manages to tell the story with a tongue-in cheek attitude, and with honesty about how loneliness feels and affects people.



“Stages” is a game where the main character is pregnant and we will show the player through this experience using well-known metaphors from already existing games. Women are gaining more representation as main characters, yet the roles of pregnancy and motherhood gets pushed aside for the benefit of characters who progresses to become stronger and more powerful, a development this game questions.




To avoid the superficial princess, you have to become the worst knight in the kingdom by causing as much chaos in as little time as possible

2019 Nordic game jam

Trash is falling everywhere, and only you (and your friend) can help reduce the pollution while preparing your spaceship for travel so that you can continue your quest to help improve the rest of the universe.
Use the power of recycling to build conveyor belts to help transport trash even faster before it's too late!

There's a brighter future if we just SORT IT OUT!"

sort it out


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